Dark Red Raw Silk Noil 45" By the Yard. #722

  • $25.00

Only 15 left!

Raw Silk Noil in a stunning, deep rich red. Noil is drapey, soft, a bit rustic, casual and not shiny at all. Softness, tiny flecks and slubs are what make Noil so unique and beautiful. It's almost like a hand loomed silk/cotton blend but is actually machine loomed 100% silk. We're thrilled that this lovely old-style heirloom silk is still being made and we'll be getting more colors. It's SO nice to wear, easier to care for than most silk, and easy to sew; it stays put like cotton, without trying to slink away. Looser styles work very well with its drape and dry hand.  Dry cleaning will preserve the dark color and texture longer, but many hand wash their noil in cool water with shampoo or a mild detergent and air dry. Test before sewing, find the results you like, then clean the garment the same way. 

100% Silk, 45" wide. Sold by the full yard, and yours will be cut for you in a continuous piece.  $25.00/yard. 

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