Dark Red/Black Half Shibori Vintage Kimono Silk Piece 13.5" x 82" #226

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Half shibori kimono silk is soft, supple, flowy and drapy, in excellent condition. We see the dark red as more towards blue than orange, and the use of black in this shibori adds drama and contrast to the red and white. There is some texture from the shibori process but the silk is so soft it's not crinkly or stiff at all. This silk is in beautiful mint condition; it was cut out to be made into a kimono but never sewn. So, there are no notches, creases from seams, etc. 100% Silk. Japan. On this entire 82" long piece, the half that isn't shibori is drapey, supple, jacquard silk with deep red black mottled tie dye tones. Gorgeous.

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