Chocolate/Olive Melange Abstract Ikat Vintage Kimono Silk Tsumugi from Japan By the Yard #606

  • $18.00

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Many earth tones and lots of deep chocolate create olives and deep warm browns. Overall this silk is quite dark, with lots of deep reddish browns and slightly lighter areas of olive and deep gold, with abstract, solid brown angular shapes that are villages, buildings, water and mountains. This double ikat is an authentic raw silk hand woven Tsumugi - it probably took months to make and was most likely mud dyed. Tsumugi Silk is a beloved treasure in Japan and known for kimonos that last for many generations. This exceptional silk is very soft and smooth, tightly woven, firm, thin, with no shine. It has body but isn't crisp. Whatever you're envisioning, you'll probably be surprised and delighted; this silk is so unusual that it defies accurate description. It truly is breathtaking. Vintage kimono silk in pristine condition, 14" wide and sold by the full yard. We'll cut yours in one piece from the bolt.  Japan. 

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