Midnight Wine Vintage Kimono Silk 13.5" x 38" #4173

  • $25.00

A mysterious matelasse; two layers of silk with the top layer very crinkled and woven into the bottom layer, so this silk has lots of texture. The colors are all dark; deep reds, burgundies and maroons, reddish brown, indigo. There is a jacquard that adds sheen with a design of a small flower-like symbol in some lights, but overall it reads as matte finish with a dry hand, not shiny at all. Almost like an enlarged, pebbly crepe. This combination of techniques is new to me and I wish I could talk with the artisan and learn how this magnificent silk was made. It's on the heavy side, with body and no drape. The back is beautiful also; solid brownish red silk and smoother.  It is in perfect condition from its former life as a kimono. Japan. 


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