Cranes in Flight Bingata Vintage Kimono Silk Tsumugi, By the Yard # 474

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Traditional Japanese flowers, streams and lots of flying cranes in bright jewel colors. Expert color-blending in this beautiful bingata. We're told this is most likely raw silk, handwoven and hand dyed with plant and other natural dyes. The colors are rich and and sharp. Every yard we checked had 9-10 cranes, they fly in both directions, and their wingspans are about 3". This vintage silk is lightweight, quite slubby, soft, somewhat smooth but slightly "fluffy" and textured, just like raw silk, in a creamy ivory color. It's not drapey; it has a bit of crisp body, no shine, a very tight stable weave, and beautiful border and fringe if you're first. 14" wide, vintage but in excellent condition. Sold by the full yard and we'll cut yours in one piece from the bolt. Japan. 

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