Corozo Tagua Oval 2 hole 11/16" button, 11 colors, Vegetable Ivory 75¢ each

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An attractive, basic button of tagua nut, also known as corozo or phytelephas palm nut.

The nut naturally shapes and dyes very well, so each of your buttons will be almost exactly alike in color, size and shape. But they look SO much nicer than plastic; we love the satin finish. Some have a hint of the pretty, wavy grain showing through. And they're as washable/dryable and durable as plastic. 

11/16" the long side, which is a bit more than 5/8".  1/2" across.  Note: The burgundy color is more what we'd call brownish-burgundy. 

Technical shopping hint: As you look through the colors, refresh your screen if the quantity available ("Only __ left")  doesn't change from color to color. 

Vegetable Ivory/Tagua/Corozo: Click here or here for wikipedia articles about this tropical palm tree nut. It includes some history about tagua being used for buttons over 100 years ago, before plastic. 

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