Coral Jacquard Sampler Kimono Silk 6" x 82" #4129

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Solid coral silk with many different jacquards nesting together in patchwork-like design; even some hidden 1" squares lined up behind and within the other patterns. Clearly created by very talented kimono artisans in Japan; the detail in the weave is so fine. So all the patterns are created with different weaves, not with dye. It may technically be a fukureori.  Complex and delightful. This silk is extremely soft, supple and drapey, in pristine condition from its former life in Japan, as a kimono. On the front the images are quite prominent even though they're 'only' a function of sheen, texture, and weave variance. On the back, the jacquard images aren't as dimensional; they do show but are smoother. Japan.

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