Coral Jacquard Dot-Patchwork Vintage Kimono Silk 7" x 14" #4319

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This color is what we call true coral; not bright orange but much softer. Without screaming, the color is stunning. The jacquard is gorgeous and unique:  large straight-edge faux patchwork, and all the 'fabrics' are created with dots of raised jacquard in different modern-looking (but this silk was made decades ago) designs and different shine and matte levels. The dots are often vignetted, moving closer together to further apart within the 'patch'.  Some of the 'patches' are smooth with no dots. Most have a sleek satin gleam either in the dots or the background. Fabulous. Supple, flowy, lightweight, sleek and soft silk. On the back, the color is the same but the design is mostly flat; it's also beautiful but missing much of the detail of the front. These are vintage silk pieces that were once part of a kimono, recently carefully disassembled for us/you. This 100% kimono silk is in beautiful condition. Japan.  

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