Abalone 1-3/8" Iridescent "Moon Pearl" Button

  • $5.50

Luminous, truly gorgeous natural abalone, glowing in shades of light blues and silvers, taupes and tans, grays; pinks, greens and lavenders in the light. They won't match - they are natural and the artisan worked with the natural aspects of each button. Exquisite, fascinating texture and light-play. Highest quality, for your best uses. Not an intense, dark blue-green abalone. Silvery warm and cool pearl tones with lots of texture and variance. Great great great button!

 $5.50 each. Most are a smidge larger than 1-1/4" but not quite 1-3/8". 1/8" thick and thicker in places. The backs are tribal and stone-looking.  

See separate listing for smaller ones.

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