Clouds, Black and Pearly White Kimono Silk, 7" x 13" #3956

  • $6.00

Chirimen silk crepe with a black and bright silvery white true komon kimono print created entirely of dots. The white areas glow in the light as pearly silver-white, from the base jacquard of thousands of tiny glowing woven gleaming spots nested close together in a geometric pattern. Clouds and flowers, water and mountains, currents and grasses. Drapey, flowy silk with a dry hand, subtle crepe texture and no shine at all in the black, which contrasts with the glowing silvery white areas. The back is light gray-white; the print barely shows. Vintage silk in excellent condition, from its former life as part of a kimono. Japan.

This is the last piece; it is 7" x 13" for $6.00 

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