Chrysanthemum Rivers Vintage Japanese Kimono Silk 14" x 64". #4417

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Endless small mums and plums in full bloom. The blossoms are light teal, purple, tan and orange-red, clustered against navy or white, in wide, diagonally flowing streams across the width of this silk. Blue-gray smaller currents swirl within each wide stream.  This print is on chirimen crepe with just a subtle crepe surface; smoother than many. It is drapey, flowy, soft and supple, with a dry hand. The colors pop beautifully and the print is perfectly executed with fine detail. The back is mostly white with fine crepe texture; the print barely shows. These are vintage silk pieces that were once part of a kimono, recently carefully disassembled for us/you. This 100% silk is in beautiful condition. Japan.  

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