Chartreuse Radiance Vintage Kimono Silk. 6 narrower pieces, various lengths. #4450

  • $55.00

Many blending greens, golds, yellows, chartreuse glowing throughout. Hints of olive-brown and also coral in some of the trees. Waves and currents, clouds, trees, hills and homes; this print is stunning, detailed, perfectly executed, and dynamic.  The base jacquard of matte and gleaming currents is quite visible and adds even more motion to this supple, stunning silk. Drapey, flowy, lightweight, smooth and soft, these silk pieces were once part of a kimono. They are in excellent condition. Japan.

This is for all 6 of the narrower pieces we have from this kimono. One each of:

11" x 40", 5.5" x 78", 6.5" x 56", 6.5" x 31", 6.5" x 18", 5.5" x 34". 

 This is a good deal on a lot of beautiful kimono silk; if priced individually they would total about $70.00

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