Bunny Panel from Japan, Rabbits on Black, 30 Different Scenes Per Panel 100% Cotton

  • $30.00

Only 6 left!

We're sold out of the blue, but we were able to get a bolt of the black colorway...

True black cotton from Japan, with off-white/light tan rabbits living wonderfully interesting lives. No two of your 30 bunny motifs is the same in your panel. Each rabbity scene is in a square about 7" x 7".  Bunnies enjoying the seasons, the moons, the arts, the ocean, the sky, fireworks, bathtime, playtime, gardening, sweeping, kite-flying, and more.  The panel is 44" x 35" with six squares across and five down through the length. So, almost a yard, of 44" wide 100% Cotton from Japan, mid-weight and more supple than most quilting cotton. Not crisp at all, it's quite soft and feels like homespun. The printing of the tan images soaks into the black just enough to faintly show a bit of the grid of the weave beneath, adding to the non-commercial vibe of this beautiful cotton. The black is deep, dark and even, despite some of the photos that look lighter. No black rubs off on our hands.  

100% Cotton from Westex Japan.  Sold by the panel cut from the 43/44" wide bolt.  From Japan. Not vintage. Limited Supply; we probably will never be able to get these bunnies again.  If you order more than one your piece will be continuous. 

Per the manufacturer: Pre-washing and ironing before sewing will often give better results. When pressing, use the low-medium setting on the reverse side of the fabric. You can also place another piece of fabric in between when ironing.
If you wash your fabrics in a washing machine, we recommend placing them in a mesh laundry bag to prevent fraying. Wash in cold water on the delicate setting.
Please do not use a dryer when drying your fabrics.


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