Authentic Buffalo Nickel Coin Button, 7/8" USA, Larger Shank #RV-3

  • $2.20

Only 210 left!

Genuine 1913-1938 Buffalo Nickel made into a shank button with larger loop shanks than our others.  Because they're from actual old, circulated coins, each will differ a bit, as coins do. The wearing of the coin, variance from coin to coin, substantial thickness and heavy weight makes this a soulful, beautiful button. You can definitely tell the difference between these and replicas, which seem too perfect and consistent. 

Domed, 7/8" diameter, loop shank opening around 3/16" or 5mm. Approx. 7/8". USA.  $2.25 each. 

These are the same quality and size as our other genuine Buffalo Nickel buttons  #SW-31, but these loop openings are larger, to fit thicker leather or cording, etc.

Price each $2.20


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