Brocade Non-Silk Sample, Glittery Soft Grays + Pinwheels, 13" x 13", #176

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This Japanese brocade sample piece has a design of wonderful pinwheels and connecting circles in gray/taupe, gold, silver, orange, green and other colors. It's a pretty fabric and the muted colors with the gray/taupe are beautiful. It is brocade with lots of shine. It's not silk and not real gold, and looks machine-made. This fabric is fancy and glittery, but the obi would be much less expensive.  

These were produced to demonstrate possible patterns that the obi workrooms might send into production. They would weave them one after another on a bolt of 10-12 each, then cut them apart to show the customer. So it's never been actually sewn or used other than for display. It's in perfect condition.  Japan. 

It's about 13" x 13" plus a 5" border of just the glittery gray. 

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