Wild Vines Shibori Kimono Silk Piece, 6" x 81" #3875

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Jubilant spring green with wandering colorful shibori vines and tiny jacquard fans, with white undyed silk peeking through. The thousands of little fans are just 1/2" across, more subtle than the photos show because they're woven, not dyed. (The camera saw more contrast than our eye can.) They are a bit dimensional and add shine to this gorgeous green wonderland. There are almost-round shibori blossoms here and there, in the same purple, indigo, raspberry and gold.  Drapey shibori silk in perfect condition from its former life as a kimono.  The back is just as vibrant and all the elements come through, as this is a true shibori with a strong two-sided jacquard.  Japan.

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