SALE Bright Abstract Shapes Meisen, Vintage Japanese Kimono Silk, by the Yard

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Soft, bold and vibrant, with black, tan, red, gray, green, peach and bright yellow. Meisen is a complex form of ikat weaving that creates blurry edges in the design. This kimono silk is a no-shine, very soft, slightly crispy, slight body silk with no drape. It's very smooth, and looks the same front and back because it's a true ikat meisen.  Meisen silk is harder and harder to find and very difficult to weave; stencils are used to dye specific portions of the already-woven warp and weft, then the fabric is de-constructed and re-woven with the 'new' weft or warp. 

Meisen saw its heyday in the 1920's and '30's in Japan; middle-class urban women loved kimonos with meisen's exuberant, blurry-edged designs.  Famous actresses modeled them in dynamic photos for advertising and meisen kimono were extremely popular.  But since the 1950's there were fewer artisans making meisen silk, and now just a handful are left. We're always thrilled to find it; it's so unique, retro and joyous.

14" wide. Sold by the full yard. We'll cut yours in one piece from the bolt.  Perfect condition, never used, vintage meisen silk probably from the 1950's. 


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