Coral Jungle Crinkled Leaves Fukureori Vintage Kimono Silk Blend? By the Yard #364

  • $12.00

Only 12 left!

Rich,  vibrant coral. Liquid drape. Lots of fairly large leaves and berries are layered together, with beautiful, dramatically raised detail almost like embroidery. It's done with a complex, matelasse-like jacquard. The result is wonderful texture with just one radiant color. There is no gray or any other color cast but the photos may look like there is; the raised texture fooled the lighting. The back has less dimension but does have the same rich color and a subtle matelasse 'quilt effect' from the top layer being not as full. As rich and supple as pure silk, but we think it may have a little synthetic, maybe poly - it has slightly more 'bounce' than pure silk. But it's every bit as drapey, light, supple and flowy as silk.  14" wide and sold by the full yard, this vintage silk blend is in perfect condition. We'll cut yours in one piece from the never-used bolt. Japan.

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