Bold Rainbow Artisan Mystery Treasure Vintage Kimono Fabric 14" x 22". #4494

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Unusual and unique! This vintage kimono fabric may be starched silk - a bit like chirimen crepe, with added effects. It may be two layers; the front seems more crinkled and textured; the back is a bit smoother.  It's undoubtedly hand-dyed; the colors are strong, and blend into one another in dark-bright 'stripes' parallel to the selvedges. It's not soft or drapey; this fabric is a bit sheer and crispy, lightly puffy and stable, like matelasse. It has body. Another thought is that it may be quite old hemp, ramie or linen. It's marvelously unique, and though we don't know much about it for sure, it's irresistibly beautiful and in excellent condition from a former life as a kimono. Japan. 

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