Boho Kimono Silk Satin Vintage Kimono Silk 7" x 47". # 4374

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Bright red-orange, white, green, gold and purple on true rich black. The print is a series of rectangular panels next to each other, with different designs all using the same colors. Lotus and other flowers, some with a shibori look, black and white faux shibori, pine trees (In Japan, matsu is a symbol of courage, endurance and longevity), and one with perhaps fruits, toys or spaceships?  This lightweight silk satin is extremely supple and flowy, with a base jacquard of slightly raised spots that gives this silk an almost crinkled or shibori look. It's very soft and drapey. The shine isn't excessive; it has a more casual feel. These vintage silk pieces were once part of a kimono, recently carefully disassembled for us/you. This 100% silk is in beautiful condition. Japan.  

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