LAST OF THIS Midnight Sleet Handweave Vintage Kimono Silk from JapanPIECE 1-7/8 Yard #109

  • $25.00

Only 1 left!

Indigo blue with white, black and a bit of light brown, with areas where the colors create almost the look of herringbone or other weave patterns, depending on the viewing angle. In other areas all seems abstract and natural. The slight changes in patterns are subtle - from a distance you may not see them - but they make this silk even more interesting. The weave seems to create a slightly crinkled look. Lightweight and thin, not drapey, not shiny, not slubby. It has a bit of body. It's much more than 'just blue'.  Both sides are the same. 14" wide, vintage, excellent condition, unused 100% Silk. Japan. 

This is the last of this fabric, it's 1-7/8 yards long; a couple inches shy of 2 yards. Order "1" for the piece

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