Blue Lustre Woven Striations Hexagons Vintage Silk Blend By the Yard #610

  • $13.00

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Various shades of dusty navy blue, periwinkle and muted blue-violet, plus black and white fibers come together to create a design of nested, long hexagons, with white melange outlines. The hexagons are around 1" x 2" in size and are lined up 13 across the width. The black and white make the blue seem a bit blue-gray and the finish is lustrous, almost shiny but not quite. It's got a subtle sleekness, is very soft, very silky and also slubby, with variations in thickness in the blue, black and the white. Thin and strong, not thick and not fluffy. We think it's a silk/synthetic blend, but the labels are gone. 14" wide and sold by the full yard, from the vintage, excellent condition never used kimono bolt. The portion with the fringe has sold already.  Japan.  


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