Blue Boughs, Leaves, Blossoms, Vintage Kimono Silk Print 6" x37" #4651

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Long thin branches full of white and orange blossoms and bright green and autumnal gold leaves.  The jacquard on the base silk has abstract smaller clusters of blossoms as well, adding a mottled shine effect in lighter indigo tones. The tiny flowers all have tiny bright yellow centers. The petals are true bright white and the orange is bright true orange, not orange-red. Very mild, smooth crepe texture with a smoother surface than chirimen crepe and no shine but very lustrous; this may be a Tango Chirimen. The back is basically white; the print barely shows. Liquid drape, supple, very soft, light and flowy pure silk from Japan, this silk had a former life as pieces from a kimono, and has been disassembled for you to re-love. It's in beautiful condition. Japan.

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