Blue/Black Kikko Hexagon-Weave Kimono Wool LAST 1.5 YARD PIECE #26420

  • $22.50

Only 1 left!

Blue and black wool fibers combine to create small hexagons. In Japan hexagons are known as “Kikko” (turtle's shell) and are a well-known symbol of good fortune. They reflect wishes for eternal youth, longevity, prosperity and wealth. This 100% kimono wool is thin yet strong and soft, with a bit of body and crispness and no shine. It is in excellent condition and reads from a distance as very dark blue. The back side reads as more black than blue.

15.5" wide unused vintage kimono wool from Japan.  1-1/2 yards long, at $15/yard, so $22.50 for this piece. 

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