Black White Red Shibori Dot Net Silk, Japanese Kimono Pieces 7" x 12" #3709

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Kimono silk pieces with a vibrant shibori on true dark black. One side has red and white shibori dots on white 'fishnet'. Every 6 or 8 inches, the pattern scrunches together, which is the detail that makes this fabric so gorgeous.

The reverse side of this silk is black/black and white spots; probably not designed to be reversible but how could you not show those great dots, too? Once part of a kimono, these silk pieces are very drapey and soft, textured from the shibori. It's in beautiful, perfect condition though quite old.  Light weight, and the base jacquard pattern adds shine to the front.  Fabulous. 

These small pieces are 7" x 12"

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