SALE Black to Lighter, Kimono Abstract Wool Print THREE pieces #902

  • $30.00

Only 1 left!

The pure true black edge is about 4" along one side of this 14.5" wide vintage kimono wool blend. Then the colors begin to reach across, starting with a skinny wavy ribbon of orange, then bits of green and blue, and finally to dark gray checked with black. So overall, a dark print. Lightweight, thin, supple and flowy, with some drape and no shine. The back is lighter; the print comes through a bit.  14.5" wide, 97% wool and 3% poly, in excellent condition, from Japan.

We have 3 pieces left and this is for all three, for $30.

1 piece 14.5" x 34".

1 piece 14.5" x 1-2/3 yard.

1 piece 14.5" x 1 yard.

Order "1" and you'll get the set of all 3 pieces.  

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