Black on Black Clouds and Flowers Vintage Obi Silk from Japan, By the Yard #711

  • $35.00

The flower designs are woven into the silk, in several different stitches. In certain lights, some of the stitch patterns get even blacker, and some turn silvery.  But by far most of this silk is blackest black. There is an overall crosswise fine woven stripe; they are almost 1/4" apart. The photos accentuate the stripe and the silvery areas more than they usually show up, depending on the light sometimes it looks pure black.  This silk is on the crispy side, thin with body, a touch of sheerness, no shine and no drape. It is a treasure. 

13.5" Wide. Sold by the full yard.  If you buy "2", you'll receive 2+ yards plus a bonus:  An extra 1/2 yard with the pattern, plus two pieces of plain black silk without the pattern: one 43" and another 51". And the original rice paper wrapping.  All in one piece. 

Vintage silk in beautiful condition, never used, from Japan. 

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