SALE Black/Ice Blue Metallic 'Ikat' Kimono Silk/Wool By the Yard #25907

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True black with symbols in the weave, not printed, about 4" apart; stars, diamonds, birds. They have quite a bit of glisten; they're done with silvery-blue fibers, plus a darker blue, in the weave. From the back they almost look like brocade or embroidery; so this kimono fabric is probably not technically an ikat, but exactly how it was done is a bit mysterious, as is the content. We think wool, a silk/wool blend, or possibly ramie or hemp. It's not as soft as most silk; there's a slightly coarse feel to the surface. It's thin and light, with a dry, grainy hand. The black is dark and consistent, not at all blue. The weave isn't tight; there is slight sheerness when held up to the window, so it likely would be breathable when worn.  It has body and no drape, and is a bit crispy and 'bouncy'. It's in excellent condition, never used and still on the bolt. 14" wide. Japan. 

Sold by the full yard, and we'll cut yours in one piece from the bolt. 

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