Black Garnet Vintage Kimono Silk Crepe By the Yard #243

  • $16.00

Only 11 left!

Opulent Japanese floral in brick reds with hints of reddish-purple, a slightly brighter red, a bit of nearly black teal, and a background of reddish black and black. Even the olive tones are black-and-garnet-washed. Very supple crepe with a medium crepe texture, not as deeply pebbled as most chirimen crepe. It's lightweight, flowy and drapey, with a dry hand and no shine. Overall it reads as dark, shadowy and rich, not high contrast. The back is similar but with far less detail in the print. Exceptional. 14" wide, pristine condition and sold by the full yard - we'll cut yours in one piece from the never used bolt.  100% Silk. Japan.

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