Black Crepe Elegant Chrysanthemums Kimono Silk by the Bolt #DS321-22

  • $325.00

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Rich pure black chirimen silk crepe for a formal, breathtaking, mostly black kimono, with chrysanthemums clustered into diamonds. Each design of flowers is a bit different in size, color, and technique; most are around 7"- 9" across at their widest. Some are on their own and some are grouped with others. The colors are a step more subdued than bright; they are strong, definitely not dull. The orange is close to vermillion, the blues are dark turquoise, blue-gray, and lighter blue gray.The brown is bronze-kissed, and the green is light olive. Dyed with vegetable dyes using traditional Katazome technique; everything was done by hand and this bolt took many processes to achieve. A couple of the larger flowers have hand-applied real gold threadwork embroidered around the petals. Artwork appears in 5 places throughout the 14-yard bolt, so that the design would appear in the correct positions when the kimono is worn. So, there are large areas of pure black silk crepe with no design. 14" wide, beautiful condition vintage kimono silk from Japan. The bolt is 14 yards long. This is an exquisite silk. 

14" wide and sold by the full BOLT (So, order '1', for the whole bolt of 14 yards.) 

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