Black/Blue Cotton Kasuri Vintage Japanese Ikat LAST 1/2 yard #217

  • $9.00

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True rich dark black is even throughout the bolt, as is the aqua in this ikat kasuri. The cotton is still starched and quite stiff; it will most likely soften with washing. Mid-weight, clearly handwoven, true ikat the same on both sides. It's narrow; just 13" wide. Excellent condition Kasuri Cotton. From our experience we believe this crisp Bingo Kasuri cotton is from the 1950's, hand dyed with indigo, hand woven in a type of ikat weave that achieves the blurred, 'stepped' look, which varies throughout the bolt, desirable for these kimono. When sold by the full yard, it was $18.00/yard, and this 1/2 yard piece is $9.00.  Japan.

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