Portraits Japanese Kimono Silk - Birds 7" x 14" #4148

  • $5.00

Only 9 left!

Most of the cards are subtle, with gray and white birds, simple white flowers... but every once in a while, a full color card with bright peacocks and other colorful birds, purple and orange peonies and chrysanthemums, and gold in the skies. Thin real gold lines hand-painted around each card, indigo background, a base jacquard adding sheen and texture. Each 'card' is about 4"-5" square. Supple and sleek, liquid drape vintage kimono silk in perfect condition from its former life as a kimono. Japan.

Even these smaller sized pieces have 1-3 bright birds each, but most of the the 'cards' are partially cut off because of the smaller piece size. 

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