Apricot Handweave, Peonies & Birds Slubby Kimono Silk by the Yard DS1220-16

  • $26.00

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Large birds with colorful long tails fly through the vines and flowers, on glowing almost-bright apricot. Lots of slubs in this handwoven, hand dyed raw silk Tsumugi. It's extremely soft to the touch, lightweight and a bit crisp. The birds and the largest flowers are around 6" across. The peony petals are blends of red-orange. There are birds throughout, about 14" apart. The design was created by first hand drawing the outlines in resist paste, then dying the orange, then rubbing in the red-orange tones, greens, blue and brown for the leaves, flowers and birds. A lot of time and skill was needed to create this vintage kimono silk in perfect condition from Japan.

14.5" wide and sold by the full yard. We'll cut yours in one piece from the bolt. 

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