For Aram 2 pcs Basted Volcanic Stones Kimono Silk Pieces 13.5" x 25". #4355

  • $18.00

Dynamic fall tones with true black, in an unusual abstract design with stones and batik. Some of the stones appear to have hand-sewn stitches of embroidery thread, and they look so real you can't help touching them. But they're flat; there is no thread. So I held it up to the light, and - this is a first - there are nearly invisible holes where the stitches were. So I can only assume they were placed at the right time to resist the batik and the black, I think, then removed. (!) This silk is truly astonishing. Supple silk with a beautiful base jacquard of swirling lines that also look geologic, good drape, no shine.  Pure silk in perfect condition from its former life as a kimono. Japan.