Bamboo Leaf Curves Satin, Vintage Kimono Silk from Japan, Four long skinny pieces #685

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The base jacquard of nested rectangles adds glow and glisten to the off-white sheen of the silk. We see the color as warm, almost white. There are rows and rows of bamboo leaves in red, green, gold and purple arcs. Their size and arrangement varies:  In some areas they are larger and spread out, other areas they get closer together and/or smaller. In certain areas, so the finished kimono would read correctly, they flip 'upside down' to read curving the other way, as in a few inches above the yardstick. This supple silk is in pristine condition, sleek and soft, flowy and light, with quite a bit of satin sheen on the front. On the back, the print barely shows; it's mostly creamy off white. These are silk pieces that were never sewn into a kimono.  No seam marks or notches, in perfect condition. Each has one selvedge and one cut edge. 100% Silk. Japan.   Order "1" to get all 4 pieces. 

One each of 6.5" x 62",  6.5" x 86",  6.5" x 66",  and 6.5" x 35".  

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