Turquoise Waters Handloom Woven Stripes Cotton, #IND051

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Crosswise yarn-dyed abstract soft-stripes through bright turquoise/aqua 100% mid-weight cotton for apparel, quilts, home dec. This handloom would probably work for facemasks, too; it's quilting-cotton weight and almost as tightly woven. Blues, white and purple create endless combinations of mostly soft stripes but also sometimes other shapes we call purple ponds, softly streaked with blue and white. Yarn-dyed 100% cotton handloom, same front and back. Soft, fairly smooth with a few slubs. Heavenly to wear shirts, tops, dresses, tunics, shorts, pants, vests. The color combination, the handloom inconsistencies, and the woven bright blues and muted purples are beautiful.  Handwash separately cold, no bleach, line dry, cool iron. 

100% Cotton Ikat, 44" wide, India.

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