SALE Aqua Sky Bali-Look Floral, Japanese Kimono Silk by the Yard #475525

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Bright purple, yellow, orange, green and soft gray Arabesque flowers on glorious aqua/sky blue.  The blue absolutely radiates joy. Soft and supple silk, very drapey, flowy and lightweight but not sheer, in beautiful condition.  No shine but lots of lustre, with a soft crepe texture.  It's probably a rare Tango Chirimen, one of the best subtle chirimen crepe silks, known for their softness and high quality silk. It does not have a very pebbly texture; it's a smooth, fine weave crepe. NOTE: Some of the photos are showing a graininess and fading which this fabric absolutely doesn't have; the colors are perfectly smooth and vibrant and the silk is in excellent condition. Sorry about the photography lighting glitch.  

14.5" wide. Sold by the full yard and we'll cut yours in a continuous piece from the vintage bolt. 

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