'Antique' Patchwork Jewel Chirimen Crepe Kimono Silk. 14" x 39". #4430

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The print feels like an heirloom quilt or tapestry, in muted jewel tones that glow from inside the very textured crepe of the silk. The 'patches' are in so many different patterns; florals, geometrics, traditional Japanese and other influences. Each 'patch' is bordered by strands of tiny blue-gray flowers. The teal blue and the orange-red colors pop through the darker, more muted clay and purple tones. The chirimen crepe has liquid drape, a highly pebbled texture, dry hand and no shine. Very flowy and supple, lightweight. So textured you may even think of it as finely crinkled. Perfect condition pieces were once part of a kimono. 100% Silk. Vintage. Japan.

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