Old Pottery Rustic Tribal Handwoven Japanese Kimono Ikat Cotton? By the Yard #214

  • $14.00

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Similar to a Meisen, with bright colors and a large design, with 'charming' weaving imperfections, this ikat depicts decorated jars, Japanese geometric designs, stylized flowers, clouds with symbols. Several shades of gray, bright red, black, dark olive and light brown, all with black weft. The fiber may be a wool blend - it's quite coarse, not soft. It definitely seems handwoven, and may have some silk blended with a more coarse fiber. Wool, hemp or ramie? Linen or cotton? Another local plant? Thin, light, almost papery, a bit crispy and somewhat sheer. Both sides are just the same.  Collectible? Quite old?  13.5" wide and sold by the full yard, and we'll cut yours in one piece from the bolt. So one yard would be 13.5" x 36", 2 yards would be one piece (13.5" x 72", etc.)


UPDATE: When gently washed and dried, it shrinks over 10%, softens and fluffs up a bit, loses the papery feel, and seems like a wool/silk blend. 

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