'Antique' Muted Blue-Gray 'Heirloom' Print, Vintage Kimono Silk from Japan by the Yard #1104

  • $15.00

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The base silk has an intricate, very old looking, unique jacquard that contributes to the antique, faded effect of this old kimono silk. Soft blue-gray, with little frames of colorful flowers and symbols, all the color muted, as if they once were bright. This silk is very supple and soft, with a wonderful lustre but no shine.  It's lightweight, flowy and thin, not crispy at all, with slight drape. We are guessing it's older than most of our silks from Japan but there's no way to know for sure. The back is shinier, much lighter in color; the print barely comes through. 14" wide 100% silk is in excellent condition and sold by the full yard. We'll cut yours from the vintage, never used bolt. Japan.

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