After the Rain Vintage Tango Chirimen Crepe Kimono Silk 14" x 64". #4210

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Lush greens full of life, with natural white, on a stunning Tango Chirimen.  Beautiful detail in the many little wildflowers, faux shibori areas, and finely drawn gold and silver highlights. The riverbanks and meadows have feathered edges; all the colors are hand-stenciled so the 'repeats' look similar but not exactly matching, since it's not a machine print. The metallic areas are subtle but add so much beauty to this work of art. Tango Chirimen is beloved and respected, and expensive, in Japan where it is made. They are known for complicated, gorgeous prints, liquid drape and a soft finish, softer and not as 'deep' of a crepe as most chirimen. It's supple, flowy and smooth with a very slight crepe texture, in perfect condition from its former life as a kimono. Japan. 

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