LAST ONE Indian Nickel Button, Authentic 1936, Large Loop Shank, 7/8" #RV-2

  • $2.75

Real 1936 Indian Head Nickels, domed, with a loop of thick copper wire soldered onto the back, creating large shank loops. The nickels are in various conditions; they are real nickels but all have good images; none are extremely worn. The 1936 date on the coins is visible on most, but since these are hand made buttons from actual old coins, there is variance.  

Around 7/8" diameter or slightly less. Loop opening are about 3/16" or 5mm.  Limited supply.

These are the same quality and size as our other genuine Indian Head Nickel buttons  #SW-32, but these dates are visible, and the loop openings are large, to fit thicker leather or cording, etc.

$2.75 each


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