1936 Indian Nickel Button, Authentic, Large Loop Shank, #SW-300

  • $2.75

Only 80 left!

Found mysteriously after being hidden in a way-in-the-back box for an unknown number of years, they eventually made their way to Button Bird. Real 1936 Indian Head Nickels, domed, with copper wire soldered onto the back, creating large shank loops. The nickels are in various conditions; they are real nickels but all have good images; none are too worn down.  3/4" diameter. Loop opening are about 3/16" or 5mm. Thank you, Mysterious Somebody.  $2.75 each.  Limited supply.

These are the same quality and size as our other genuine Indian Head Nickel buttons  #SW-32, but these are sorted by date for 1936, and the loop openings are twice as large so the buffalo image on the inside, underneath the loop, is more obscured. 

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