Vermillion/Copper/Silver Obi Silk, Bolt of 5.1 yards #DS121-05

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Heavy glowing vermillion ivory silk satin with geometric symbols and flowers in coppery-gold and silver. The same large, 8" x 6" flower repeats in uniformity in the design, but the gold-copper and silver areas change on each flower, as they blend together. This silk is a high end jacquard, not a print. This is another obi silk from the respected silk company in Nishijin, now unfortunately closed. It is for Nagoya Obi, and done with a technique of handloom Jacquard called Hiki-Haku, a difficult and old weave for the finest obi. The weaver uses actual metal threads which are made just for Haku silk by painting real gold or silver, by hand onto mulberry or other paper, then cutting those sheets into thread-width strips, for weaving into the silk. If the metal is smoked in certain ways first, it becomes other tones. This company was famous in Nishijin and throughout Japan for very high quality and lush use of real gold Haku thread.  Perfect condition, never used, vintage, carefully stored, obi silk. Japan.  

Sold by the whole BOLT, so order "1" for the 185" (5.1 yards) long bolt. 


Here's how this 13.75" wide, 185" long obi silk bolt lays out:

44" plain vermillion, no design.

89" with design.

37" plain vermillion, no design.

14.5" with design.

1" plain vermillion, no design. 

Sold by the bolt. 


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