Brown-Taupe Stripe with Pale Gold Silk, Japan. SALE $9.50 Per Yard.Last Piece 2-3/4 yes

  • $26.12

Only 1 left!

Quite old but in beautiful condition, this never-used kimono silk is 14.75" wide, with fluid drape and subtle chirimen pebbled surface. The pale golden ivory and skinny white stripes are printed on the warm-brown taupe base, and they get wider towards one edge, so from a distance one edge is darker than the other. So cool!t  The back of the silk is pure brown-taupe with a hint of the stripes showing through. Vintage marvelousness! Not sure a fabric like this could still be made. 

Last of this silk; the piece is 2.75 yds. (plus a couple of inches, as a gift for you)

$26.12 for the piece. Originally $12.20/yd. This is about $9.50/yd

Fabric #423377

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