Tan / Indigo Marquise Floral "Bingata" Kimono Silk Small Pieces 6.5" x 13.5" # 3862

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This complex print has a vintage feel of very old Bingata from Okinawa. Beautiful fine detail, lots of flowers and large rounded marquise diamonds, even tinier flowers, and light blue backgrounds within. Outside the marquise shapes, the indigo is so dark it's almost black. There's no bright white; the flowers are in sandy tones with dusty reds, blues, golds, greens. It all seems done with watercolor, with colors intricately blended. The back is a faded version; the print comes through but not as strong. This silk is sleek, drapey, lightweight, flowy. It is in beautiful condition from a former life as a kimono. Japan. Some of these are as large as 7" x 14" and most are around 6.5" x 13.5".  They are $3.00 each

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