Peace, Calm, Good Luck Black / Black Seigaiha Kimono Silk, 9.5" x 51", # 3879

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These rich black-black silk pieces have an almost invisible design of the important Japanese symbol for "blue ocean waves", Seigaiha. The waves are calm, and this symbol is said to be auspicious and protective. Seigaiha patterns have been used in Egypt, Persia and other places, after originating as part of ancient Japanese court music. Seigaiha brings peace, good luck, good fortune.

In this silk the 'waves' are jacquard-woven into 1" wide stripes that are geometrically arranged in straight lines like giant stripes and diagonals. The waves are raised, easier to feel than see.  In between these big wave-stripes are small woven scattered spots, on slightly shiny black silk. The result almost seems like Pendleton meets Japan. Sleek, drapey, lightweight vintage kimono silk in excellent condition.  Japan. 

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