OUTLET ITEM Shibori Bamboo on Royal Purple Vintage Kimono Silk, Set of SIX Pieces, # 535

  • $45.00

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This silk is incredibly light, fine, thin, supple, drapey, flowy and soft, with an overall jacquard with flowers and diamonds, which shows up as subtle sheen depending on the light. The pure white shibori designs are bamboo leaves and stalks. But the edges aren't straight as you can see from the photo - the width varies from around 13.5" to 14", because of the true shibori work that 'takes up' some fabric as it's made. Perhaps with some ironing and steam you could straighten the edges better if you need to, but this is why this is an Outlet item. Other than that the condition is excellent; the purple color is perfectly consistent and the shibori work is lovely. These pieces were once parts of a kimono that was made decades ago, taken apart recently and cleaned. All the selvedges are there and in good shape, but not always straight. 

You'll get all six pieces.  One is 44" long, one is 46" long, and four are 29" long. The two long pieces are full bamboo shibori, the 29" shorter pieces have less shibori; see photos. 100% Silk. Japan.

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