Traditional Floral Silk Black Tomesode Crepe, 14" x 67" #39312

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These black silk pieces were once part of a Tomesode, a formal and elegant kimono for married women. The rich traditional Japanese floral is printed on true black silk chirimen crepe. There is gold metallic, almost-bright, supple kimono foil-work on the fans, which makes each one a work of art. We have 2 of these available; they are both 14" x 67" and in pristine condition.  Each is slightly different in terms of the design, size and placement of the artwork, so that the coordinating design worked visually when this stunning kimono was being worn. The size of the artwork varies from 13" x 17" to 13" x 21", depending on the piece.  The designs are positioned towards the bottom of the drapey, supple, mid-weight black silk crepe. Absolutely beautiful, and so elegant. It's rare to find vintage kimono silks like these at such a good price in perfect condition. Japan.

The coordinating piece has a smaller portion of artwork; see other listing.  

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