Black with Red Diamonds Kimono Silk by the Yard #942993

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True black, crispy, not quite shiny pure silk for kimono, with large, ornate diamonds in two strengths of true red, throughout the bolt. The diamonds are about 7" x 10", the darker one overlaps the lighter, and then there is another group of 2 diamonds four inches away. They appear to be in the weave; the back looks just the same; so this is a very difficult ikat. Closeups are show below. The black is true black despite what your screen may show. It's not red-black and not blue-black; it is black black.  There are some slubs, similar to fine silk shantung, but it is also quite smooth and sleek, not drapey. There are a few small gray spots so we've lowered the price.  Japan. 

14" wide and sold by the full yard. There are 3 large diamonds every 41" of length. Yours will be cut in one piece from the bolt. 

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