Rustic Green Tea Gray Vintage Kimono Wool by the Yard #4338

  • $15.00

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Japanese kimono wool with several green tea greenish grays, plus cream, black, and many subtle sepia mud tones. The 'ikat' is actually a sophisticated print, not woven. It looks, in my opinion, just like an antique, mud-dyed, handwoven ikat. (The base fabric itself may be handwoven.) Each 'ikat symbol' is a bit different as a true ikat would be. It is probably quite old, and the base wool is slubby and possibly cross-dyed with a putty color, black, sepia tones and white; there is slubby texture that the print blends into. Overall, the color reads as green-tea-gray. The thin, slightly crisp wool has some body and very little drape. This is a vintage, never used bolt. The whole bolt seems to be in excellent condition. 14" wide, 100% wool sold by the full yard. We'll cut yours in one continuous piece. Japan.

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